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Test arena no nursery

THE shame of Zimbabwe cricket continues apace with our sound beating by lowly Bangladesh.

And so do the pitiful platitudes from official

s and young captain Tatenda Taibu: “We are young and inexperienced . . . we are learning and building . . . give us a chance.”

It doesn’t have to be this way. If all concerned shelved their pride and prejudice, and got round a table for the genuine good of the game, a worthy solution is not difficult to imagine.

There must be integration and development of the huge potential well of black players –— but with careful balance and planning. Players like Elton Chigumbura and Taibu are proving they are capable of reaching the top rank, but most of the current Test team are, to their detriment, mere fodder for the best Test-playing nations. The records since this debacle exploded bear testimony.

The Test arena is not the nursery school that Zimbabwe Cricket is demeaning it as. If we are to regain our cricketing pride then Zimbabwe Cricket and the rebels must move away from destructive, entrenched positions and talk.

Zimbabwe Cricket would have us — and the International Cricket Council — believe that such genuine intercourse is actually happening, but that is a mirage and to my knowledge is not yet sincere or substantive.

Glen Byrom,


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