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Petition hearing on poll encouraging

A PETITION was recently heard in Zimbabwean courts demanding that allcitizens within and outside Zimbabwe be allowed to votein the parliamentary election scheduled for March 31.

ca, sans-serif”>We, of the MDC North America district, applaud and support this encouraging development.

We endorse the move because we feel that such a gesture by the present regime will go a long way in legitimising the whole election process. The right to vote is cherished all over the world, especially by those who claim to be democracies.

It was very heartening to witness this right being exercised by the people of Iraq in their January 30 election. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis voted from 14 countries around the world to elect an Assembly which will determine the future of their country.

Just like the people of Iraq, the people of Zimbabwe all over the world are keen to participate in the crucial March 31 election which will determine whether or not Zimbabwe becomes a respected member of the international community after several years of self-imposed isolation. As is now well known, millions of Zimbabweans reside outside Zimbabwe — in South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States of America among other countries.
These Zimbabweans are just as patriotic as any other citizens and all love their country.

They however regret that their beloved country has been brought to its knees by a regime that cares more about maintaining an indefinite hold on power than about the integrity of Zimbabwe.

We appeal to the authorities in Zimbabwe to ensure that all Zimbabweans are allowed to vote irrespective of where they might be. We also appeal to the Sadc countries to persuading the Zimbabwean government to change its stance.

Finally, we appeal to our sister MDC districts in South Africa, Great Britain and other MDC structures elsewhere to use whatever channels they have at their disposal to ensure that all Zimbabweans are involved in the election.

In particular, we should let the present authorities in Harare know that it will not do them any good to deny us the right to vote.

Nicholas Mada,

MDC North America District.

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