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On what planet has Bloch been living?

ZANU PF, the party that has in recent years visited havoc and destruction on Zimbabwe, has “won” a two-thirds majority in the latest parliamentary election.

serif”>Economic commentator Eric Bloch’s response to this latest rigged election is a column headlined “Another chance for economic revival”.

Even though he admits, albeit in his own inimitable style of qualified remarks, that the election was not “free and fair”, Bloch states that Zimbabwe needs to accept the result, for every attention should now be directed vigorously at achieving the long-talked-about economic turnaround.

Has Bloch considered for one moment the universal implications of arguing that nations should simply accept the results of rigged and stolen elections?

Bloch claims that Zanu PF’s resounding victory, howsoever obtained, makes it possible for the government to concentrate intensively upon bringing about the desperately needed, long overdue economic recovery.

Amongst his suggestions for a Zanu PF-inspired economic recovery are that former white commercial farmers should be attracted back to their farms, that the government should reduce its own spending very considerably and that it should encourage investment.

To curtail government spending Bloch suggests, inter alia, abandon-ing the proposal for a Senate, dispensing with provincial governors and cutting the size of the presidential entourage.

“Zimbabwe cannot afford to create more jobs for the boys,” Bloch explains.

To attract foreign investment, Bloch says Zimbabwe must also demonstrate that it is a genuine democracy. He suggests this can be achieved by repealing repressive legislation such as Aippa and Posa, re-establishing a free and independent daily press and ensuring that “a genuine independent free and fair judiciary and judicial system” come into being.

One wonders what planet Bloch has been living on these past years.

Does he really think that white commercial farmers will be invited back or that they will come? Does he really think that Zanu PF has a higher priority than “jobs for the boys”? Does he really think that Zanu PF will re-establish the very institutions of democracy that would undermine their grip on power?

Does he think they go to such great lengths to cling on to power for the betterment of the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans?

Get real Mr Bloch! Do you seriously think that the latest Zanu PF government will do what you suggest to bring about — the democratic and economically prosperous Zimbabwe that you claim to desire?

I don’t think you do — and neither do I.

RES Cook,


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