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No to Mugabe dynasty!

BEFORE I comment on the newly-announced cabinet, I would like to thank you so much for keeping informed those in the diaspora throughout the recent parliamentary election in Zimbabwe.

elvetica, sans-serif”>I was particularly impressed by your balanced reporting and courage to say it like it is.

The cabinet is truly a mockery of the electorate especially when one looks at the fact that it looks like President Mugabe’s relatives are considered a cut above the rest.

It was such a shock that his nephew Patrick Zhuwawo was appointed a deputy in a ministry specifically created to accommodate him.

There is no way our country can develop when appointments are made not on merit but through relationships. We do not need a Mugabe dynasty in Zimbabwe. Who said the Mugabe clan is the best thing that has ever happened to Zimbabwe?

People should start voicing their concerns, especially when ministries are created to accommodate incompetent bootlickers and those that were rejected at the polls by the people.

Our president should revaluate his appointments and come up with a more appropriate cabinet. Some of the newly-created ministries are just a waste of the taxpayer’s money as Zimbabwe at the moment does not need such a big cabinet which serves no purpose at all.

Eddie Kwaramba,


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