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Leslie’s letter displays naivety

I HAVE to admit that since my college days when I developed interest in your paper, I have never come across a letter to the editor that displays ignorance and emptiness more than Leslie Vollenhoven’s “Diaspora views irrelevant&#822

1;, (Zimbabwe Independent, May 20).

I could write a thesis on the apparent lack of relevance of his letter. Vollenhoven did not tell us why he thinks diaspora views are irrelevant. He did not tell us why writers should not use pseudonyms — except saying their reasons “are plain silly and stupid”.

Well, what is stupid, and by whose standards? Who and what is Vollenhoven to teach media practioners to stop publishing letters bearing pseudonyms? Does Vollenhoven want to track the contributors and butcher them?

I think he is just seeking attention and surely Mr Editor, it is such letters that you should spike. I suspect Vollenhoven is one of those people who argue that Zimbaweans in the diaspora should not vote yet at the same time want their foreign currency at low exchange rates.

The fallacy of this stance lies in the notion that they cease being Zimbabweans the moment they leave in search of a better life.

I suspect that Vollenhoven is one of those people who think that the voice of over 3,5 million in the diaspora should be ignored because they are outside the borders of their motherland.

Does he know that if each of the 3,5 million people sends US$250 home every month — which I am sure most of them can afford — the central bank would be sitting on over US$800 million?

Is he aware that given that amount, he would have lots of fuel wherever he is busy enjoying himself?



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