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Just own up to this mess

HAVE you noticed how President Robert Mugabe has been bitterly fighting the West, the North, Botswana, organisations in South Africa — Cosatu, the Democratic Alliance, Archbishop Desmond Tutu — Nigeria and other growing voice

s of dissent all around him.

He ended up swearing at even his own war cabinet.

Enormous amounts of resources have been diverted from bread and butter issues to fund these numerous and never-ending wars while people got poorer. Schools that the president passionately constructed in the 80s are crumbling while hospitals are vacated.

Professionals have deserted Zimbabwe to develop other countries while the president fights unnecessary wars.

Britain has a happy citizenry, and so does America, Germany, Australia and Switzerland among others, and these people know where their economies’ survival comes from.

President Mugabe is provoked by a mere call to end violence towards and during elections, choosing instead to devote all the resources he has to fighting imaginary wars.

Dissent is growing especially in Matabeleland, teachers’ plight is worsening while Harare is decaying. The masses have defected from his party in large numbers while the president fights wars with his cabinet.

If people are hungry and inflation soars through the roof, who cares about Tony Blair, George Bush, Desmond Tutu, whites or blacks? It’s neither here nor there. Blair runs Britain, not Zimbabwe. Sanctions were imposed on the war cabinet specifically — not on Zimbabwe.

Ian Smith weathered real economic sanctions. The president should own up to his cabinet’s failures instead of earning Zimbabweans enemies and scorn all around. He should refrain from blaming Blair for queues and hunger caused by land reform.

Special advisor to the



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