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Jonathan Moyo deserves the chop!

IT is with some satisfaction that I endorse the recent axing of Jonathan Moyo from Zanu PF’s leadership because he has been a disgrace to the nation. Why did Mugabe wait for so long?

al, Helvetica, sans-serif”>As an aspiring journalist from a reputable university in the country, the National University of Science and Technology, I still wonder why someone with the right mindset would want to instill fear and excersise intolerance towards a young and blossoming media industry.

Since his coming to power as Information minister, a barrage of repressive laws has been forcibly and cruelly passed just to curtail the various freedoms that ought to be enjoyed by Zimbabweans.

The Public Order and Security Act, passed in January 2002, takes away vast freedoms that promote association, assembly and mingling betweem families, friends and relatives. This Act outrightly closes all the avenues to platforms for discussing issues of national importance.

The Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (passed in March 2002) has restricted the activities of the independent press by obliging journalists to obtain accreditation from a state-appointed Media and Information Commission. Devastatingly, to date only journalists from the private-owned media have been charged under this repressive law.

What truth are journalists going to write and speak when surrounded by such repressive laws?

As I mourn the untimely and unwise closure of the Daily News, the Daily News on Sunday, the Tribune and Joy TV, I recall in November 2004 the state-run Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings refusing to accept adverts from the main opposition party despite guarantees of payment.

Dissenting voices of journalists operating in Zimbabwe have been dealt with ruthlessly because of these laws and an over-zealous junoir Informantion minister. Rather than sticking to democratic tenets, the government’s Information ministry has resorted to authoritarian principles.

Once a critic of President Robert Mugabe, the spin-doctor Moyo has clearly been shown the exit from Zanu PF (and I hope from the Information ministry and Zimbabwe as well).

Moyo, you have been a disgrace to the nation and you ruined the nation during your tenure.

You see Moyo, these are the rewards of organising indabas without the consent of your boss. Why not let Zimbabwe break a Guiness Record by having the first black woman vice-president who would later become the president?

Whether you tendered your resignation or not, I don’t care, just go Moyo! Don’t forget to take PaxAfro! Their lyrics are sickening.

Tawanda Makawa,



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