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It’s typical of all churches

I RECENTLY read an article “Men of cloth shout from ringside”, (Zimbabwe Independent, February 25) in which Ray Matikinye made an excellent analysis of the political response of church leaders to the rule of President Mugabe.<

My only problem with Matikinye is that he failed to make the point that church responses to political leaders have always followed this pattern.

In this way, Nolbet Kunonga and Obediah Msindo are justified in standing for President Mugabe whilst Pius Ncube and Desmond Tutu are also right in opposing President Mugabe. In other words, there has been no single response to political issues in Christian history.

While I have respect for the church, I have problems when bishops from one church can hardly agree. Arguably, Kunonga is for President Mugabe and Bishop Sebastian Bakare is against him.

These bishops have reasons for this but my question is who is to be trusted?

Why should Bakare expect President Mugabe to retire when he himself wants to have his term of office extended for three more years?

If he is a man of integrity, why should he manipulate his standing committee to petition the archbishop he has always discredited for the extension of his term of office?

If bishops do not abide by the rules and do not want to give up when they have reached the age of retirement, why should they expect the president to do so? Maybe power is sweet, even for the bishop. As Jesus said, he who has not sinned, let him be the first to throw a stone.

In contemporary Zimbabwe, any bishop who has not oppressed and abused God’s people, let him be the first to speak against President Mugabe.

Please bishop, lead by example and retire with honour.

Concerned Anglican,


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