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Indecent assault on readers

I REALISE that Jonathan Moyo has a new disciple from your stand, and frankly, this is not good news.

I have always admired Dumisani Muleya, until very recently wh

en he started unashamedly chewing Moyo’s stinking pants.

In the beginning, it was justifiable. Moyo’s fall out with Zanu PF was sweet news but it’s not funny anymore. Perhaps Muleya always secretly admired Moyo while he was still in government or he is now paid? I don’t know Muleya but for our lovely paper that has always stood by us to start creating a hero out of this man is a serious inroad into the dignity of the Independent and an indecent assault on readers.

Moyo is neither newsworthy nor a newsmaker. That Zanu PF is doomed or “drips venom” is not news at all. It is simply sour grapes from a pseudo professor who has lost identity — back2darkness, as his prophetic projects rightly described.

I could have been tempted to think the Independent was the one which fell in love with our arch enemy, but no, it is one person who is following Moyo and I am saying Muleya, you had built a good name without chewing anybody’s dirty socks like those Chronicle guys. Please don’t do it. At one time there were three articles in one edition, all covering Moyo and by the same man. Please, if I must beg, you can do without Moyo.

I have seen Trevor Ncube also thinks Moyo can mature and lead opposition in this country. If that was the publisher’s instruction to use the media to create Moyo and cleanse him of past sins, I am afraid he needs to come back home. No to Moyo. Ndapota (please) .

Mark Chinyavada,


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