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If you had done it the 1980 way ?

IF we had a genuine one-man-one-vote in the recent election like we had in 1980 instead of constituencies, would Zanu PF have won?

Given the concentration of peop

le in the major urban precincts which were all won by the MDC, if the votes were counted for the rest of Zimbabwe, is it possible that more votes were cast for the MDC than Zanu PF in total? If this is so, it should be highlighted, because it would show that most people actually support the MDC.

The MDC could then legitimately say it has the support of most of our countrymen. It’s not of much use now, but it would serve to rattle the Zanu PF cage a lot to know and be told that the MDC got more votes in total than Zanu PF and is more widely supported by the people as a whole.


South Africa.

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