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Fight them back folks!

THE recent destruction of people’s livelihoods by government just makes one wonder what they want to achieve.

Vendors who used to sell tomatoes at street co

rners have been deprived of their means of survival.

What does the government expect them to do other than sell vegetables when it has destroyed the economy?

I encourage people who had the source of their livelihoods destroyed to fight back.

It is amazing that President Mugabe brags about presiding over a country in the throes of destruction and his wife does not even have the gall to advise that he has lost it.

Even my 15-year-old son can do a lot better than the president and his crew of stooges.

President Mugabe will always be remembered for this cruelty. I just wonder what he had to celebrate for Independence.

Tyrone Baloyi,

South Africa.

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