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China is the factory of the world, believe me

I NOTE the reference to the story I did for the Herald (Muckraker, April 29) regarding the purchase of planes from China.

I agree with you that Pratt & Whitne

y is now an American company but it is primarily a Canadian company bought by American investors, the same way Stanbic is a Zimbabwean bank owned by South Africans.

Secondly, Airbus does have elements of manufacturing in the UK and indeed CATIC supplies “fins”, wings, and other components to that manufacturing element of Airbus in the UK.

You may be aware, as I am, that Airbus has become pretty much a European company with cooperation from several countries on its new jumbo jet. That project was not only French but a European collective effort.

You reflect some shocking ignorance by dismissing the fact that China has become the factory of the world with the bulk of world manufacturing now based in China or other Asian nations. The reality is that the computers you write on to produce your paper are very well Chinese made not to mention your radio and television.

I have just been here (China, where I am writing you from now) for the last three weeks and have visited several provinces and have seen first hand how it is true that this country has become the major manufacturing base for European and American products.

Let me give you some examples — the largest television manufacturing company in the world is now in China, almost all the famous brands of mobile phones are now produced in China not to mention all the sports and hip-hop brands that you know today.

Now I don’t claim to be a spokesman for the Chinese as to why they are buying planes from Boeing, but it should make some sense to you that if they produce parts for these American planes, the only way they can guarantee continued supply is if they also buy from their clients — that’s confidence in your products I guess.

I also need to mention that I am in China on personal business and my trip is personally funded. I will be quite happy to grant you an interview on the economic strength of China which I didn’t hear from anybody else…but saw for myself. Believe me guys…you may dismiss this place…but you will swallow your words very soon!

Supa Mandiwanzira,


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