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Campaign team let down candidate

IT appears that the MDC as an official opposition party failed to attract capable officials to campaign for their respective candidates in several constituencies in the recent parliamentary elections.

Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>I was in Chipinge South and if what I observed was a replica of what was happening around the country — especially in rural areas — it is no wonder Zanu PF managed to rig the elections to outclass the MDC.

The calibre of people tasked with campaigning for Elia Makotore in Chipinge South left a lot to be desired if the truth be told. The MDC leadership failed to capitalise on the relative calm that preceded the March 31 poll.

It is however difficult to declare the election as peaceful when evidence abounds that political violence erupted in some areas. Chipinge South was no exception.

Some of the agents engaged to campaign for Makotore could not even explain the MDC political manifesto to the electorate. I was not impressed at all.

It appears the criteria set for one to make the campaign team was the endurance of a long duration of Zanu PF brutality from the inception of the party.

I personally suggested ideas that were dismissed with ridicule that left me out of place in Chipinge South.

I could have assisted Makotore’s campaign team were it not for the uncooperative nature of some members of his team.

If what happened in Chipinge South had not happened elsewhere, even if Zanu PF rigged the elections, the MDC could have amassed more seats. Several MDC rallies flopped due to failure to secure police clearance by those leading the team and claiming to know the party better.

Though the police were very cooperative, I feel it is the campaign crew that let Makotore down. I advise the MDC leadership to recruit capable people of good substance to assist wherever possible. They abound and only need to be spoken to though I am not claiming to be one of them.

The Mutare provincial office of the party should probe the handling of this election. Campaign resources were not equitably distributed in Chipinge South effectively meaning the candidate was disadvantaged.

Men of substance should be employed. The party’s Top Six should think about the benefits in the long-run and may I wish the MDC good time in the presidential election.

Alec Chikati,

Chipinge South.

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