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Are you sincere Gideon?

I HAVE just one small question for central bank governor Gideon Gono and the government.

The call for displaced farmers has been highlighted in the press —

especially dairy, maize and horticulture, to come back and farm. Why then, one week later, some of the dairy farmers who are actually still operating in Zimbabwe received Section 8 orders?

It just doesn’t make sense — either you want good experienced farmers or you don’t. No wonder everything is in turmoil when you can’t make a simple decision and stick to it. The so-called displaced farmers are asking for property rights and security of tenure. Well, government’s reply will probably go something like this: “Yea right, you can have that today. But maybe tomorrow we will change our minds and take the farms back again”.

My advice to displaced farmers and their families, as much as we would love to have you back and producing again, don’t take that risk.

We have all learnt over the last 20 years that nothing in Zimbabwe is ever guaranteed. The laws seem to change from day-to-day. You have already been displaced — perhaps next time you will be misplaced!



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