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Advert tasteless, thoughtless

I usually enjoy your publication but your paper carried an exceptionally tasteless advert (page 2 of the January 7 issue).

In the face of overwhelming loss of lives and sorrow of

the survivors your paper proceeded to state that it could be accessed “in Thailand if your service provider hasn’t been flooded”.

I believe your paper owes us an apology for such thoughtlessness.

A Mutseura,


The Zimbabwe Independent of January 7 carried an advertisement for a new digital delivery service. It said the paper would soon be available all over the world “including Thailand if your service provider hasn’t been flooded”.

While our advertising department did not intend to offend anybody, we regard it as an insensitive and inappropriate advert, especially when it was for the paper’s own products.

Our apologies to readers.

Steps have been taken to ensure adverts are fully scrutinised before publication. *The Editor, Zimbabwe Independent.

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