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United, MDC will win

DAVID Coltart, the MDC former secretary for legal affairs, recently reported after analysing 12 constituencies that the MDC team which investigated the 2002 presidential poll concluded that at least 490 000 fraudulent votes were stuffed into ballot boxes to give President Mugabe victory,

“Probe team vindicates MDC claim”, (Zimbabwe Independent, April 21).

Innocent Gonese, the anti-senate faction’s secretary for legal affairs, has now advised that he awaits briefing by the lawyers involved in the matter before commenting.

No inspection has taken place since the investigation was indefinitely postponed last November — five months ago.

I strongly recommend that the MDC pursue the 2002 poll investigation urgently.
Surely, if conclusive proof can be  produced that Mugabe was fraudulently re-elected as president, international action could be invoked to call for an immediate re-run under genuine international observers, not just so-called observers, to counter the “daylight robbery”, as Tsvangirai described it at the time of Zanu PF’s wiles and chicanery.

And if the two MDC factions could be persuaded to be sufficiently adult to join in this common cause for the country’s sake instead of acting like spoiled brats as they are doing, they might win the election and perhaps international support in bringing this country back to life again.

PNR Silversides,

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