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Spike them Mr Editor!

THIS letter is in response to one by Courage Shumba “MDC expecting too much”, (Zimbabwe Independent, May 6).

I read his letters in the past few weeks

and can safely say that he is a psycho. He is so confused and I just don’t know where he stands.

It seems he pays allegiance to both Zanu PF and the MDC.

His comments are racist and I just wonder what he is doing in the UK anyway. If he so loves the current regime he should come back home and “plough the land”.

My message to him is: You are absolutely crazy, a sell-out. You are just like this other guy by the name of Denford Magora who always writes confusing articles.

Please Mr Editor, just publish letters that make sense and spike those that are contradictory. It’s about time you stopped publishing such racist articles.



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