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SOS from Harare Poly

IF Hamlet was a student at Harare Polytechnic, then he would surely be telling you that the state of affairs at the institution is rotten and has reached a critical stage. And no one seems to care.

dana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>I am a senior student at the institution and for the years that I have been there, I have witnessed its gradual collapse.

Firstly, there is one man (name supplied) who is running the institution like a private shebeen. Some weeks back I heard over the radio that the government had subsidised the catering services for students — a pure lie.

We are paying more than $1 million for the crap they call food. I am certain that the profits are taken by the man himself.

Last year aspiring candidates for the Students Representative Council posts were told to go and register at the Zanu PF headquarters. Since when did the party start meddling in college activities?

If President Mugabe thinks that people hate him and his party for no good reason, he should know that the goons that work for him are playing a vital role in people’s attitudes.

I am appealing to all who are willing to assist the students at Harare Polytechnic to intervene because we no longer enjoy studies at the forsaken place.

The issue of loans is another matter that is nagging us. Fellow students at Bulawayo Polytechnic received their payouts long back but we are yet to receive anything.



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