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Robert Jr up for grooming, watch out!

IT is a fact that Zanu PF’s leader is trying to extend his term of office by another two years for one simple reason — grooming his son Robert (Jr) to become the next president of this nation.

ce=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>We should not be fooled by this sovereignty issue, it is only a ploy to distract our minds from reality.

Mugabe is a very cunning person and he knows that the people of this country are only concerned about living comfortably, and for as long as they can watch DStv in peace, he can as well give them that freedom and forget about those “useless” township people who vote for the MDC. For as long as we have people only concerned with wealth and not the country’s management, we are all doomed.

I salute Mai Margaret Dongo for putting it correctly: they are all Mugabe’s wives. Look at the way the pastors, the academics and the politicians bow at his feet to clean his shoes! It’s such a shame. Who will rescue the nation from this man?

Mbuya Mhlanga,


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