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Nothing to celebrate

WHILE we say “25 years Zimbabwe, we wish you many more to come”, it is of paramount importance that we look back and see what we are celebrating.


e were wide ululations when the Union Jack was brought down and a new Zimbabwean flag hoisted up in 1980.This was supposed to liven up the hopes in the malnourished and impoverished rural folk of Zimbabwe. But that never did.

In 1983 there came the instincts of Edgar Tekere and his allies with the — Gukurahundi that left Mthwakazi’s king’s flock at sixes and sevens.

Young men and women were kidnapped never to be seen again. Mothers and fathers were harassed, intimidated and severely assaulted such that some were instantly proclaimed disabled.

Promises were made but never fulfilled. The health sector is pathetic, education standards keep falling and churning out graduands who add on the misery to the family because they are unemployed.

Corruption is at its highest level while nepotism is ruling the roost in government offices. Surely, there is nothing to celebrate. What’s there to celebrate while I am an orphan? What’s there to celebrate while I am a destitute, a street kid? What’s there to celebrate when I have been robbed of my freedom and democracy?

To convey the message to President Mugabe and his cronies — in case they don’t understand what democracy and freedom entail, democracy is a system of governance that is people-driven while freedom refers to the power or right to act and speak as one likes without anyone stopping him.

Surely there is nothing to celebrate.

Dick Mthakathi,Siphazi and

Mr Big,


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