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Mugabe has lost it

PROVERBS 21 verse 29 explains how wicked President Mugabe is to the people of Zimbabwe. The old leader has no positive thought for the country hence the loss of the breadbasket tag of southern Africa.

Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>Zimbabwe has the capacity to produce for her people but he has reduced it to a basket case. And oppression is the order of the day in Zimbabwe.

I have tried as an activist to figure out some reasons as to why he turned out to be so cruel. There is no better explanation than that he has lost it.

Now is the time to do whatever it takes to make Zimbabwe under President Mugabe treat human life with dignity and to live up to the promise of fair opportunity espoused by the late Josiah Tongogara, Joshua Nkomo, Josiah Chinamano and other fallen heroes.

Zimbabweans should turn themselves into a voice for justice for the next generations. Zanu PF has normalised torture, rape, killings, abductions and corruption.

The people of Zimbabwe should see through all lies fed to us and keep the flame of activism against Zanu PF alive.

We should however be mindful of the fact that under the same brutal regime and forces aiming to extinguish the MDC spirit, spontaneous uprising against dictatorship is the key answer to success.

If President Mugabe himself succeeded, why can’t we steal from his tricks? During the apartheid era in South Africa an independent newspaper was more valuable than gold and diamonds. It is the same situation obtaining in Zimbabwe today. The risk of moving around holding an independent paper has become dangerous under President Mugabe’s rule.

Former Information minister Jonathan Moyo who has literally killed the media in Zimbabwe has suddenly turned against the same regime after being used by Mugabe in presiding over the closure of the Daily News.

Zimbabweans have been used by Zanu PF like objects for the gain of selfish and corrupt cronies of President Mugabe who has since shifted his focus from the people of Zimbabwe. He is now preoccupied with working to regain his lost power. The people of Zimbabwe just can’t have him as their leader. He is costing them dearly.

Nicholas N Mada,


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