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MDC’s only mistake

YOUR Editor’s Memo “Where is Plan B”, (Zimbabwe Independent, April 15) made interesting reading.

The MDC leadership was accused of all sorts of

things. It is easier to criticise — easier to write from lofty offices about what could and should have been done. What is not easy though is to deal with the repressive machinery that Zanu PF has become.

To bring my case closer to home, let’s take you as an example. You are a founding leader of the Independent Journalists Association of Zimbabwe (Ijaz). In spite of all your efforts to fight Aippa and Posa, these obnoxious pieces of legislation are still very much around.

Regardless of your impassioned hatred for Tafataona Mahoso’s Media and Information Commission, it is still there and getting stronger. In fact, the last time I read about it, Mahoso, who had previously vowed never to drive, had taken delivery of a 4×4 vehicle. But I digress.

My point is what is your Plan B?

It is easy for people to attack you, Misa and all the other journalists who are doing a good job to protect the integrity of journalism. It is easy for people to accuse you of doing nothing because Aippa is still with us.

Is Misa and Ijaz plagued with leadership paralysis because they have failed to deal with Aippa? Have they been outwitted by the government because the Supreme Court has ruled that there is nothing wrong with Aippa?

Where are the thank you adverts from the MDC, you ask? This is the most ridiculous question I have heard in a long time. It is this sort of mentality that has taken Zimbabwe to the Dark Ages. The idea that people demand to be thanked for carrying out their civic duties is, plainly speaking, nonsense.

If the MDC want to thank those who voted for them, let them do so, but they are under no obligation to do so.

This thanking business is what resulted in the plunging of the Zim dollar in 1997 as some people demanded to be thanked for their role in the liberation struggle.

This thanking business is what has made President Mugabe treat us like his property because he believes that we should thank him for liberating us.

You seem to imply that the MDC have no policy. Really? I have read in your paper about the MDC’s Restart policy document. I have read in your paper about the MDC’s manifesto launch in Masvingo. I am not saying that Restart is necessarily a bad policy, I am saying you are wrong to say the MDC has no policy. What you need to do is to analyse the MDC’s policy and tell us its shortcomings rather than peddle the lie that the MDC has no policy.

I am under no obligation to thank anyone, but at this point in time I thank the MDC leadership, its staff, supporters and officials who continue to do so much work with so few resources. I salute them for keeping the fire burning.

The only mistake that they have made so far is not to call for an armed struggle.

Nobuhle Nyathi,


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