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Let’s make tolerance the theme

ELECTIONS do come and go and we are left to fend for ourselves the same old way.

I do therefore beg the ruling party to accept that there is an opposition party i

n the country that also has a mandate to deliver on its promises to the people.

The reality on the ground is that the two political parties elected by the people represent Zimbabweans.

When the people of Zimbabwe die of hunger, no record will be made of their political affiliation. In the development of the country, no development should be ascribed to a specific party.

My point is: be it Zanu PF or the MDC, the drive must be on serving the people and not political parties’ interests, hence the leaders must be tolerant of each other.

I am also of the idea that if at all a coalition government is viable for national development, then so be it. Better than to spread hate speech which will only do harm to the country than good. I am sure President Mugabe and MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s focus is now on serving the people more than anything else.



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