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Learner drivers fleeced

BELOW is an update on “inducements” demanded by Vehicle Inspectorate Department (VID) and driving instructors, according to first-hand accounts, in order to pass a driving test:

The going inducement for Harare is $5 million, but many individuals claim that it i

s easier to pass the test in smaller centres in which case the inducement, for example in Chinhoyi, is $4 million!

During the test if one should hit the drums, despite paying any inducement, the individual fails. Apparently the reason being that it is possible for others to witness the mistake and therefore more difficult for the examiner to fiddle the results. When a student does fail, there is also no reimbursement.

It is also noted that these dishonest instructors are clever enough to extract the maximum lessons out of learners before informing them of procedures to facilitate passing, usually a week or so before the actual test.

I find it extremely difficult to believe that senior staff are not involved.  I think it would be naïve to think that they would let their inspectors get away with fiddling such large sums each day, as they obviously are, without themselves having a finger in the pie!

Could the VID respond?

M Leppard,

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