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Great paper, story lacked depth

THANK you for a great paper but I have one comment to make and some questions to pose.

The comment: on April 8 you carried an article in the businessdigest about

Scaiflow Investments having $73 billion in investments on the ZSE.

Whilst I found the article interesting, I couldn’t tell where it was going since it was just a little informative piece.

I believe people may have wanted to know who was behind this company and possibly see a chart of the company’s meteoric rise up the ZSE giving readers a chance to make their own deductions. As the article was, I felt it was merely taking up space. The question: now that we have a new cabinet, how are the budgeted funds going to be allocated to the ministries?

How has it worked in the past? How do other countries do it when they have new ministries midway through a financial year? My concern is accountability here.

If the Ministry of Rural Development has its own budget, what is Emmerson Mnangagwa going to be working with at the Ministry of Rural Housing and Social Amenities?

How much have these new ministries cost us in the past and how much are they likely to cost us now?

Supposedly, the final budget statement may be in so much detail that it will merely be a case of sorting out figures on an Excel spreadsheet and giving the new boys there budgets. But is that so?

Simbarashe Nyambauro,


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