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Govt should prop up emerging businesses

LIKE the agrarian reform programme, the government must introduce a policy whereby emerging young business people will get support in the form of capital, advice and skills.

sans-serif”>In agriculture, the government is helping a lot and we need the same support in other sectors of the economy.

One thing which is killing emerging entrepreneurs is lack of good, sound advice and support. The big names in the business sector are not keen to help small emerging names in the search for vital business opportunities, ideas and support.

Some people might have the money but lack knowledge on what business to start. Big business people must therefore meet, talk and share ideas with those without skills who intend to embark on some projects.

Dr Simba Makoni had this vision. Speaking at the ZNCC annual business awards for 2004 he said: “But the reason for such a situation is due to lack of communication, engagement and sharing of ideas…why can’t people talk to David Chapfika? (Daily Mirror , December 8 2004).

Busines ideas are picked in the process of sharing ideas. It’s hard for a young Turk in business to get in touch with big Turks. Only a few well-connected will prosper. Some young Turks have the money but lack the vision to identify business opportunities. Big Turks must assist. This way we can create jobs and control the economy.

The indigenisation policy should be implemented with government incorporating young people into the economy through help in establishing businesses.

Doesmatter Charumare,


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