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Fee hikes simply absurd

I PERSONALLY find it absurd that state universities have hiked fees by more than 10 times what the government support fund caters for.
Many people working in industry earn far below the poverty datum line wage of $21,8 million, yet they expect ordinary students emerg

ing from high school to pay as much as $50 million per academic year.
Where do the relevant authorities honestly think we (students) will get such huge sums of money?
I thought that university education was supposed to be free to all citizens with the relevant qualifications.
This is pushing people more and more into abject poverty. Why should we suffer and yet other countries are offering better educational conditions? Honestly, how are we expected to survive? Someone is definitely behind all this rot which must stop right away.
I think it is high time we woke up from this deep slumber.

How can the economy improve when future  leaders are indirectly denied their basic tertiary educational rights?
Failure to attain tertiary education will have a deeper, negative economic impact on the ordinary Zimbabweans.
This country has certainly gone to the dogs.

Angry Nust Student,

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