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Dictators are not immune

THE arrest of Charles Taylor should send signals to all dictators in Africa. They are not immune. The infrastructure they depend on to terrorise their subjects crumbles when they leave office.

Saddam Hussein was caught in an underground hole like a rat, Slobodan Milosevic

was cornered like a petty thief and Taylor was caught at the border like a common smuggler. How the mighty fall from grace!

The question of how to unseat tyrants gets to the heart of many people today because how would you deal with states that refuse to play by the rules that govern everyone else? So the idea of creating international criminal courts is simple. In a world ruled by law, there is need for a place to try the bad guys who cause so much suffering to the people when they are in power.

We should shun the “Pinochet” solution here in Zimbabwe in which the Zanu PF guys may be immunised from prosecution in the same way former Chilean president Augusto Pinochet was when he left power.

Frank Matandirotya,

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