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Dhlamini-Zuma not qualified to comment

POLITICAL rhetoric from South African Foreign minister Nkosazana Dhlamini-Zuma leaves a lot to be desired.

She should be told plainly that she is ill-qualified to

comment on political developments in our country. There is time for everything in life. She is benefiting financially through the stubborn behaviour of our scared regime.

How can she say that electoral reforms in Zimbabwe are in principle as laid down by Sadc guidelines?

I wish to register my displeasure with regard to her immature political quackings that she sang for the masters who are feeding her.

She has to be warned that the truth will be known very soon.

Instead, President Thabo Mbeki was supposed to have appointed her Minister of Information because she has done more harm than good for our cause.

Does she know that even God regretted that he chose Saul as king for the Israelites? Soon, Mbeki will regret appointing her to that ministerial post.

Alec Chikati,


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