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Decay of Zim: a source of humiliation

RECENTLY, I was made to eat humble pie when I got a lift from Mt Hampden to the city centre.

The driver of the long-distance truck was a Zambian national born and

bred in Zimbabwe only to relocate to his homeland when the situation got worse here.

It’s humiliating to get assistance from a person hailing from a country you used to scorn during the period it fed on the crumbs that fell from our table. That is the humiliation my brother Admire and I faced it.

I normally evade discussing political issues in public but because the trucker broached the subject, I joined in.

The Zambian national pointed out the following :

* Zimbabwe is known for being a church state, everyone leaves the situation to get out of hand while watching idly;

* We were flattered by worthless gestures like the handshake President Mugabe got from Prince Charles; and

* Zimbabweans do not demonstrate their rights, the whites were expelled from farms and now people are starving. The Zambians accepted them and they are gradually becoming the regional agricultural bread basket — the tag Zimbabwe once carried.

When we offered $2 500 as fare for his service, he laughed at us saying: “Keep your money and buy mealie-meal. Where can you get money when you are jobless.”

He eventually gave us $20 000 each for lunch before we parted.

Is this the Zimbabwe we used to know? Aren’t we heading for self-destruction?

Collen Colbrag Mariba,


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