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Come, let’s put our heads together

I AM writing in an effort to bring about a new dimension in our fight to turn around our economy.

I have noted that there are a lot of people who write to the pre

ss suggesting brilliant ideas regarding the way forward but these are isolated and I feel we need to bring about a cohesion of these ideas.

What I envisage is the “Third Force” that has been mentioned in some circles that would work to gather ideas and present them for implementation by the responsible authorities. Follow-ups thereafter would also be essential to ensure their success.

It pains me to realise the potential we have failed to fully tap as a nation. We should not wait any longer. There is no better time than now.

I invite anyone interested in being part of this “force” to write to me so that we can start working on it. My address is vernonzw@yahoo.com.

Alternatively, mail me at Box 2179, Harare.

Come on Zimbabwe! Let’s work together and build our nation.

N Chanyanya,


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