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Chiyangwa’s ordeal a ploy to deceive public

Is it true that the CIO were holding Philip Chiyangwa in custody?

Is it true that Chiyangwa could ever be used by a for

eign intelligence organisation?

Is it true that any reputable secret service organisation could recruit such a character as the maverick and garrulous Chiyangwa? Maybe the North Korean secret service!

Isn’t it true that secret service organisations that desire to do President Mugabe’s regime harm wouldn’t be so imprudent as to recruit Chiyangwa?

Isn’t it true that they would know that not only was he related to the first family but that he is a liability in terms of security?

Isn’t it true that foreign secret service organisations are more intelligent than our CIO would have us believe they are?

Isn’t it true then that our own secret service may not know what the US or UK secret services are up to?

Isn’t it then true that the story about Chiyangwa could be nothing more than a ploy to get the public to think that foreigners were up to some mischief against Mugabe’s dying regime?

Isn’t it true that there is nothing more to blame except creating these implausible stories?

Isn’t it true that if the US and UK secret services wanted to deliberately cause mayhem in this country they would not recruit Chiyangwa and similar characters?

God grant us the wisdom to discern

Tell the Truth,


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