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Byo hailed for thanksgiving

THE Bulawayo City Council needs to be commended for having convened a non-denominational gathering for thanksgiving for the recent rains which gave us a reprieve from looming tragedy.

At the gathering, held on April 8 at the Large City Hall, one Pastor D Masuku led us in p

rayer on the city’s water situation, just one segment of the programme.

Keeping strictly to the letter, text and spirit of his mandate, he had to exclude some information which I respectfully feel ought to be divulged:

* It was indeed by the grace of God that the tropical cum Equatorial rainfall belt moved southwards and settled over Zimbabwe for almost four months;

* This equatorial rainfall pattern continues and perennially concentrates in the Equatorial belt throughout any given year;

* It is precisely because of the nature of this rainfall pattern that Matabeleland is wont to capitalise on the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) catchment flow which inevitably finds its way into the Zambezi River;

* It therefore follows that the water in the Zambezi River becomes the source which we can consequently take as a guaranteed water life-line;

* Our need for recourse to the Zambezi source is accentuated by the unabated influx of people from the eastern provinces of Zimbabwe. This incessant influx is one major factor which has been a direct cause of a dramatic population increase in Matabeleland.

Consequently, this further strains the already scarce water resources.

Arnold C Payne,

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