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Boycott these ungrateful shops

SOME supermarkets are again adopting grossly unfair practices regarding scarce commodities. When challenged, they claim they have to protect their premises against violence, but let them be warned that law-abiding regular customers have h

ad enough already.

After buying numerous items at a supermarket chain in Westgate (name supplied) this week, my friend expected to be offered the opportunity of purchasing a bag of sugar at the till, but she was told that only designated tills were operating on that basis.

Of course, the queues at these outlets were not only extremely long, but rather unruly. My friend is a working woman who had already spent hours in a fuel queue.

Most of those in the “sugar-queues” were buying only one item, or nothing at all, yet they were rewarded by being permitted to purchase sugar. Indeed, some of them brazenly rejoined the queues. We all know that some people work for traders who sell scarce commodities at a huge profit.

My friend, who regularly patronises the supermarket, appealed to the manager for a bag of sugar to add to her other purchases. The manager was unbending and unapologetic.

Had she not already paid for the goods, she would have abandoned them on principle.

It is time that hard-working regular customers permanently boycotted such stores that do not value clients’ long-term support. Only then might they understand that pandering to the “fly-by-nights” and alienating their “valued customers” is not good business practice.

We hear this cliché, “our valued customers” constantly, but supermarkets and businesses in general should demonstrate the truth of this otherwise meaningless jargon.



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