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MDC leadership is just power-hungry

RECENT developments in parliament where the MDC endorsed the 18th Constitutional Amendment Bill exposed the opposition leadership and left a lot of Zimbabweans shocked.

Firstly, the opposition leadership is accepting the principl

e of amending the constitution in parliament as compared to crafting a new democratic constitution by the people. This is unacceptable and not expected of an opposition that claims to champion democracy in Zimbabwe.

The MDC leaders were probably promised political positions and they are prepared to sacrifice the struggle for a new constitution in exchange for personal power. The endorsement of the 18th amendment by MDC is a clear sign of betrayal and the people of Zimbabwe should not turn a blind eye while they are selling out.

The claim by the MDC leaders that they are supporting the amendment for the good of the country is unfounded. There is nothing good about an amendment that gives power to parliament to handpick a president in the event of the incumbent leaving office.

It is the duty of ordinary citizens to decide on the laws that govern the country and parliament is there to listen to the will of the people. The MDC cannot justify supporting an amendment that increases the number of parliamentary and senatorial seats given the state of our economy.

Where does the government intend to get the money to give to the extra MPs and senators? The MDC leadership is just after power and they are prepared to go out of their way to get power at all costs.

They are a disgrace to the suffering masses of Zimbabwe who have been looking forward to an alternative leadership to emerge from the opposition.

What happened in parliament is a clear testimony that there is no politician worthy to be trusted. Politicians, especially those in opposition, are opportunists interested in power not the welfare of the people. The MDC should not cry foul in next year’s elections as it is public knowledge that they will be rigged.

The MDC should have advocated a total overhaul of the Constitution of Zimbabwe as compared to the piecemeal amendments in parliament.

Madock Chivasa,

NCA national spokesperson.

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