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Madhuku has lost the plot

THANK you so much for your very progressive comment on the Zanu PF-MDC talks. We need to move this nation forward beyond the Lovemore Madhuku’s of this world.

Allow me to congratulate the MDC and Zanu PF on realising that a

s a nation we need each other and we can build a better country for future generations.

A lot of time has been lost arguing over petty issues at the expense of the suffering populace of this country while Madhuku and now lately Wellington Chibebe enjoy donor monies. Of what use is a beautiful constitution with no government to implement it?

Madhuku has lost the plot, he should join the MDC and Zanu PF or forever stay irrelevant to the Zimbabwean situation.

Maybe he is worried that those he has labelled uneducated have stolen the limelight from him.

Givemore Mvhiringi,


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