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I WISH to welcome back to Zimbabwe the eight students recently deported from Australia. Home is always best.

Your deportation is a non-event. It was inspired by a racist government bent on disrupting your academic progression. <

Shame on the Australians! I will ask Manheru to do a scathing piece on this sad event.

In the interim, you will be enrolled at one of our many universities, where the quality of education is second to none. Eventually, we will send you to colleges in friendly countries such as China and Malaysia. After all, this is in line with our “Look East” policy.

During your short stay in Zimbabwe, you will contend with the “challenges” we encounter on a daily basis: empty shelves in supermarkets, dry fuel pumps, water and electricity outages, to mention a few.

A brief stint at the Border Gezi “college” will do you good. We need to debrief you all — one cannot trust the Aussies. They could have brainwashed you with all the trappings of good living.

Not to worry, you will adjust and adapt.

Joseph Mhlanga,

Dublin, Ireland.

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