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Forced to become drunkards

RESERVE Bank governor, Gideon Gono, recently alluded to the view that Zimbabweans may have become a nation of drunkards.

Naturally there is at least a bi-dimensional aspect to this perhaps truthful contention.

Never mind t

he local presently controlled price of various forms of liquor, Gono may have suppressed or overlooked why and where his assertion may actually be true, as those affected may at sometime soberly reveal.

There are those that may sometimes engage in liquor to temporality escape from persecutory evil and deprivation.

Repeated history has shown that where persecution, victimisation, asset theft, torture, human rights violations, subjugation, imposed grand suffering, deprivation and poverty, and where other abuses persist, victims sometimes resort to survival escapism to further and later deal with the realities of being consequential of imposed wickedness.

Despair may at sometime overcome normally sane and sober persons who have had their aspirations, futures, assets and their lifetime endeavours stolen or destroyed by malicious Zanu PF rendered opposition eliminators, or by their fellow racist plundering louts and thieves such as seen in the now polarised army and police forces.

Since Gono and his “brothers” have now at last been formally black-listed as Zanu PF enabling and beneficial beings by the civilised world, it appears that he has now come out of his once purported “sanity facilitating closet” and now more than ever vigorously condones the evil and retrogressive conduct of his masters.

There are many of those in power circles who feast and enjoy the fruits of their criminal evils as enabled by being state-protected crooks and looters.

Naturally, this is a pre-conspired component of Zanu PF’s sometimes openly declared anti-indigenous ethnic cleansing and looting missions that Didymus Mutasa will have severe difficulty in denying.

To be considered is that the ever-extremely desirous wealthy crooks enabled by Zanu PF shamelessly banquet, booze, spend and celebrate from wealth and assets stolen from their purported but vulnerable enemies and from
their sponsors as fronted or articulated by the many corrupt, compliant or from their incompetent United Nations cohorts, and/or their mystified but envious South African ANC collaborators.

Zanu PF comrades have no fear of being found drunk in charge of a road-transporter, killing a child with a vehicle whilst inebriated (such as a certain protected police spokesperson recently did), or writing off several fancy state supplied imported luxury vehicles whilst being uncharged for being truly substance abuse intoxicated.

The good news is that Zanu PF comrades are known to have a continuous deficit regarding proper rational intelligence and values as measured by proven civilised values that actually have made the substantial outside progressive world really work and prosper.

That many of them seem to be further handicapped by often being overcome and further mentally deranged by substance abuses will make it much easier to see them off to oblivion and due prosecution sooner rather than later.

Globally and locally, it has not gone unnoticed that certain Zanu PF comrade chefs (including Gono) have inexplicable and shameless wealth.

The time will soon come when full disclosure and accountability will be required.


Highlands, Harare.

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