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Circus travels to entertain New Yorkers

By Baba vaDanai

WELCOME once again to the Zimbabwean circus featuring His Excellency whose UN New York Summit speech yielded nothing as usual, apart from boosting his eg

o against the Blairs and the Bushes. By the way, his vitriolic tentacles have spread to Gordon Brown.

As Zimbabweans grapple with the daily challenges of life, many thought President Mugabe would grab the chance to express to the world the crisis that we are in, as well as rally international assistance. But no! He always has other plans in his mind.

Through isolation and alienation from the realities facing the common man in the street, he instead chose to once again spit venom at the Westerners, so reactionary that many were left wondering whether Zimbabwe would ever benefit from fora of such magnitude by throwing tantrums each time, rather than articulate our problems to the outside world.

That Zimbabwe needs the world and not otherwise is beyond doubt. People are moving around hungry, they cannot find food in shops, let alone afford other basics with their meagre earnings.

A trained high school teacher is earning $120 000 a day which is not even enough for a return trip to town from the nearest suburb. With examinations around the corner, pupils find schools with no teachers each day. No one up there seems to bother as their children are not affected.

We really need help pronto, and that is reality. We do not feed on sovereignty. We need food on our tables, good health and education above lots of other things we have lost along the way.

The very day our President jetted in from his “successful” trip, RBZ governor Gideon Gono was presenting his monetary policy. It was interesting to note that the concoction propounded by Gono pulls in the opposite direction to that dished earlier by His Exellency at the airport as he addressed those “Hararians” who were there to welcome him.

I feel pity indeed for Gono. He has brilliant ideas for a sound turn-around strategy in the midst of our challenges. Yet the political landscape cannot allow his panacea.

* Baba vaDanai writes from Waterfalls, Harare.

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