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Arrest of church leaders proof end of dictatorship is nigh

By Nelson Chamisa

THE Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) condemns the arrest over the weekend of pastors and church leaders demanding a peaceful resolution of the nati

onal crisis. This barbaric act has convinced everyone that the Zanu PF government is cornered and has now run out of options.

Those arrested were Bishop Levee Kadenge of the Christian Alliance of Zimbabwe and other church leaders linked to the Save Zimbabwe Convention, a gathering of all civic groups and opposition political parties which convened last week and agreed to make Robert Mugabe and his regime accept the people’s demand for an immediate end to the worsening crisis.

Once again, the vampire state has bared its poisonous fangs in a desperate move to intimidate the men of God. The MDC strongly condemns the continued savage assault of people’s basic freedoms.

The MDC believes the end should be nigh for any dictatorship that begins to target the holy men of God in a desperate bid to force them to join those men of cloth that have chosen to embed themselves with the Zanu PF cause — a cause which has brought starvation, unemployment and disease on millions of innocent Zimbabweans. There is an inevitable end for evil regimes that seek to gag the anointed men of God who dare speak against corruption and misgovernance.

The MDC calls on all church leaders to remain resolute in their fight for justice and freedom. The church plays a pivotal role in vaccinating society against ailments of bad governance and corrupt leadership. God continues to bless the national spirit against misrule.

Our pastors seeking a peaceful resolution to the national crisis are mere messengers spreading the emancipatory gospel for a better deal for the millions of Zimbabweans who have fallen prey to misrule. Their voice is just because their cause is just.

When forces of darkness start targeting the beacons of light in our society like Zanu PF is doing to the church, then there is sure evidence of the collapse of the wall of dictatorship. Dictatorships have temporary legs. The writing is on the wall for Zanu PF.

The national consensus is to save our country. Let’s all harness the emerging collective spirit to save Zimbabwe. The churches, students, civic groups, labour and political parties have turned the corner.

Those who have sought to divide the country and its people must go. Mugabe and his regime must go and pave way for a period of reconstruction and national healing.

Nelson Chamisa is MDC secretary for information and publicity.

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