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Help us fathom this animal – inflation

By The Vulcan

THE story recently carried by the state media in which we were told that the year-on-year inflation has fallen from 1 193,5% to 1 184,6% is at best incoher


It appears to exacerbate our national woes because the same media reported that the poverty datum line is now around $68 million.

The inflation story thus became good news on a bad day. Can someone among the mandarins at the Central Statistical Office and their counterparts at the Reserve Bank, please help us understand this economic scenario unfolding in Zimbabwe. I do not get it myself.

How can inflation fall when prices keep rising daily all around us? A two-litre bottle of Mazoe orange crush which on July 1 cost $500 000 now costs $800 000.

I know what a red-herring is and the inflation story is just part of the misleading political and economic spin we often get these days. It does not help anyone to be mendacious about problems that we have become accustomed to for six years. Who does not know that our money has become horde combat since our largest denomination cannot even buy a loaf of bread, which government maintains must sell at $85 000, while the bakers’ association is selling it at $130 000.

The Bible says in John 8 verse 32: “The truth shall set you free.”

Authorities at the Herald should treat us as adults, some of whom are economists, bankers, teachers, nurses, gardeners, fire-fighters, lecturers and so on. The fall of inflation when commodities continue to demand more money through price hikes to unprecedented levels is stuff to be understood only by a hog whimpering drunk person.

Such ludicrous statements only help to dampen the spirits of citizens working hard to earn a decent living. Mind you we are a nation and not a crèche where children are made to believe they are in fantasyland. It is evident that our major problem in Zimbabwe is that of being preposterous pretenders.

Our government imports fuel which it sells at $23 000 per litre yet the product is sold at $600 000 per litre at the pump. Our economy is not growing, there is no balance of payment support, no exports and we have no economy to talk about since we do not have a robust monetary regime. Besides shooting ourselves in the foot over several issues as a nation, who is fooling who?

Please help us understand what is going on.

The author writes from Glen View, Harare.

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