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Service delivery should tally with charges

I RESIDE in Chisipite and as a ratepayer I have a few questions that the Harare Commission should answer. On my council invoice for May, the following charges have been levied;

ign=justify>* Refuse removal $690 000 including VAT. Refuse removal is supposed to occur twice a week.

Every day, from 7am to 4.45pm my refuse bin is put outside the entrance to my house as one is never sure as to what day or time the refuse removal truck will arrive.

According to my records, the truck came once on February 10 for the entire month, once on March 10 again for the entire month and once on April 7 again for the entire month and for this month it came on May 12.

Surely, it is grossly unfair for one to pay for a specific service and not get it.

After all, if one walked into a supermarket and purchased a 500g packet of rice containing only 200g of the product, he should not be expected to pay the price for a 500g packet;

* Rates have now gone up by 300% from May 1 but the improvement of potholes on the roads, road lights as well as the clearing of the surrounding bush among others has been pathetic, at maybe 2%. For what reason is the 300% increase? and

* A new fixed residential charge of $300 000 per house per month is the latest move for some obscure reason.

Could this be the privilege of being one of the many people to subscribe to a new fleet of vehicles as well as the latest cellphone models for the commissioners running our city?

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