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Just wondering: why complain now brother Geoff?

By Thabo Kunene

THERE you are my friend Geoff Nyarota, former press secretary to the president and prime minister in the 1980s and former editor of The Chronicle.

You now see yourself as a victim of bad publicity by other comrades in journalism such as (N

ewZimbabwe.com editor) Mduduzi Mathuthu and Michael Mtungwa.

I hope you are sitting comfortably wherever you are in the diaspora.

You say you are writing a book (Against the Grain) that will include Gukurahundi which you supported with your heart and soul when it was butchering the Ndebeles, Vendas, Kalangas, Sothos, Xhosas and other ethnic groups in Matabeleland and the Midlands whose only sin was to support the late Joshua Nkomo and Zapu.

The question I have for you is: are you going to tell Zimbabweans how as editor of the Chronicle, you enjoyed tormenting Nkomo, his supporters and former Zipra cadres who were described as dissidents although some of them ended up working for the government?

I have not forgotten all the evil editorials that you wrote. One of them was headlined:

“Bring back the Five Brigade”.
In that editorial you said the Five Brigade was the only language the dissidents and their supporters understood.

The government redeployed the brigade to continue with its mission to exterminate Zapu supporters and  Nkomo.

As editor of the Chronicle you encouraged the government to take a hard-line stance against Zapu and its supporters in Matabeleland and the Midlands.

Now that you say you are writing a book that will include Gukurahundi, it would be interesting to see whether you will say you did all those evil things because you had no choice; you were forced by the system or you had a gun to your head?

We also want to know how the government will respond to it. If you did not like your job as editor then, you should have resigned in protest.
But no, you could not do that because at that time, Isinkwa sasimnandi.

Now the grapes are sour and you see Mugabe, the former liberator that you worshipped, as an evil person. But I should give credit where you deserve it Geoff.

You did a damn good job on the vehicle scandal.
The Willowgate scandal which you exposed was excellent journalism but like Zanu PF, Matabeleland gave you a very bad spot which will never leave you.

Unfortunately, very few people are aware of what you did in the 80s.They only know the brief history with the Daily News and the Financial Gazette.

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