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Mutasa does it again

Itai Mushekwe

MIXED media sculpture specialist, Chenjerai Mutasa, has released an interpretive masterpiece of legendary Neapolitan painter, Giovanni Battista Caracciolo, called David with the head of Goliath.

Mutasa’s sculpture is among three present

ations done by other contemporary artists who include David Chinyama and Masimba Hwati who were invited to respond to their choice of works from the National Gallery of Zimbabwe’s permanent collection.

The eye-catching piece made using an array of materials that include metal, wood and stone is on display at the gallery up to early April.

Mutasa this week told Independent Xtra that he chose Giovanni’s painting because of his religious beliefs. The artist said he is inspired by the power of God and hence all his works have a biblical conno-
“I’m inspired by the word of God,” he said.

“In this painting lies numerous lessons. David faced a fierce battle without any armour let alone adequate weaponry to contain the gigantic Goliath. Here is a man who was wearing 57kg of bronze and held a sharp javelin weighing 7kg.
He had the height advantage, muscular dominance and all the fighting techniques one can think of, but he was defeated by little David whose faith and courage carried the day for him.”

Mutasa added that Goliath represents men’s daily challenges and difficult encounters and if only they match David, they’d stand up and face anything that comes their way, with victory guaranteed.

“If you don’t have faith, you’re twice defeated. Have faith and confidence because if you carry these ingredients with you, you would have long won your fights before encountering them.”

Mutasa is set to exhibit some of his finest work in New York later this year.

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