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Musicians’ collective effort dynamic

HUPENYU Kumusha/Life at Home/Impilo Ekhaya, an album recently launched by a sheaf of musicians who lined up together under the trademark The Collaboration, is dynamic, soothing and shows the maturity of the musicians.
The Collaboration comprises timeless musicians su

ch as Busi Ncube, mbira masters Chiwoniso Maraire and Peter Mashasha Mujuru, alongside Adam Chisvo and Charles Summerfield.
Hupenyu Kumusha is a social commentary touching on various social aspects ranging from love, companionship and the HIV and Aids scourge. Songs to watch out for include Urombo, Illusions, Kumusha, Abadala, and Precious.

 Urombo features Maraire and talks about the poverty of life without a companion, and how important it is in difficult times to stand together. It goes thus: “Ndiudzeiwo kwakaenda vamwe, urombo kugara wega. Sango, sango rino ramera-mera.

 Sango rangu mukoma. Ngatibatane zvinhu zvaoma. Tichabvunza ani, uchabvunza ani?” (Tell me, where have all the others disappeared to? To live on your own is poverty. This forest I live in is unsettled, indeed this forest. Let us unite, times are hard.Who can we can ask for help, who can we ask for help?).

Illusions is another Maraire-led vocals project furnished with backing by Ncube focusing on the thousands of people all over the world who have lost their homes and dreams, asking whether we can afford to chase only our individual illusions in a world where millions are suffering. Kumusha and Abadala fronted by Chisvo and guitarist Roger Mbambo respectively are deliveries on the beauty of Zimbabwe and the need to respect elders, which according to the song is a prerequisite of civilisation.
Precious is a classic jazzy groove preaching the essence of love and togetherness in making life the jewel it is. The group performs today at the Milton Park Bowling Club in the capital and will also grace this year’s Harare International Festival of the Arts. — Staff writer.

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