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PSMAS fleecing us

I QUESTION the role of the Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) and ask if it is run in the interests of its members?

erif”>The PSMAS fails to give preventative medicine the priority it deserves, thus exposing many vulnerable members to unnecessary ill-health and expenses. The PSMAS does not reimburse members even partially for flu vaccines. Why?

Flu vaccinations can only be obtained by a doctor’s prescription based on a threat of more serious conditions arising. The PSMAS’s short-sighted decision is costing it and its members dearly – for some resulting in premature death!

An individual gets a bad dose of flu that causes a range of complications resulting in a lengthy illness and costly treatments combined with a permanent deterioration in health.

A flu vaccine could have reduced the severity and the costs incurred by both PSMAS and the individual.

Another area of dissatisfaction is that of drug categorisation. By deft manipulation, the society is saving itself money to the disadvanatge of members. Omerazole is a generic category B-classed drug and thus receives a lower level of reimbursement, yet to many the drug is used to treat stomach ulcers, a potentially serious condition! Why is this drug not in category A?

I also ask why pneumonia vaccines are not available as in South Africa?

PSMAS values have dropped dramatically over the past decade. The society needs to concentrate on the real issues, putting its members’ interests first.

Instead, it appears intent on building the largest society solely for reasons of prestige, when it clearly does not have the resources to do so.

M Leppard,


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