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Blacklisted by Truworths

PLEASE allow me to express my extreme dissatisfaction at the poor customer service being rendered by Truworths Stores.

On April 20 I took goods worth $199 000 on

account from Truworths Man in First Street, branch 89. I was informed by their salesman – a Mr Kativu – that I should make five instalments of $40 000 starting in May to clear my account.

On May 3, I made a payment of $100 000 being my instalment for May and an advance payment for June since I intended to travel.

On June 6 I had my account number 89056275 debited of $14 500 in interest charges, for which the branch staff failed to give a satisfactory explanation since the account was over paid.

On July 19 I paid $100 700 to clear my account. You will understand my surprise when I was informed that my account had been blacklisted because of non-payment for two months and that a further interest charge of $15 000 had been added to my account.

I spent some time going through my account details with a Mr Mponya and a Mr Kachepa who assured me that I had done nothing wrong and that the error had emanated from their back office.

I was made to believe that their accounting system does not recognise pre-payments but they would talk to their head office where a Mrs Jones would reverse the interest charges and restore my account status.

The next day (July 20), I received court summons dated July 9.

Apparently Truworths Man are now suing me for non-payment of $131 000 including two months’ interest. Thinking this was a mistake, I returned to the branch to make inquiries last Saturday only to spend two fruitless hours with Mponya.

The only thing he could tell me was that it was out of their hands and I should pay the interest charges and then apply for a new account.

My credit record is being tainted because Truworths Man cannot process prepayments.

It is hard to believe that this is the same place where I opened my account in 1999 – the wheels seem to have come off the truck. Surely, Truworths Man can do better!

A customer who pays his bills in advance – no matter how small – is worth treating respectfully in this economic environment. I have tried unsuccessfully to get a response from Truworths head office but in vain.

M Maposa,


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