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LEADERSHIP AT THE PEAK – Leadership book released

By George Nyabadza

IT has been almost two years since I started writing this weekly column, during which period I have grown as a person. The personal growth has been primarily stimulated by my choice of dee

ply engaging with the interesting and challenging experiences life has thrown at me; experiences which I have learned to welcome and appreciate with open arms.

The process of growth has been what Carl Jung refers to as individuation; that personal journey whose path is littered with numerous struggles to find meaning in each of life’s challenges. It is a journey of choice. One always has the opportunity to “paper over the cracks” revealed by life’s challenges or to face head on and engage, at a deeper mental and emotional level, with everything that life throws at us. Such engagement leads to mental and spiritual growth and deeper appreciation of life.

In addition to the experiential process and the resultant personal growth my continued academic research has literally forced me to be more reflective, to use the deep neurological processes and powers of my inner being, that I never would have used if I had never nurtured the desire to understand effective leadership and the process underlying human peak performance.

Over the past two years my personal library has accumulated to over five hundred books on leadership, personal development, philosophy, religion, psychology and the metaphysics. The combination of life’s experiences and academic research has found itself expressed through my seminars and also the numerous articles I write of which this one is the most consistent.

I am extremely grateful to the editors of this paper for letting me continue to express my views on a weekly basis without fail for the two years. Almost a year ago I began to wonder how I could keep up to speed with the numerous feedback that I receive weekly especially that, which demanded reference to previous articles. One of the solutions was to create an archive folder on our site, which we did. The other solution, proffered by a friend of mine, was to compile the articles into a book. At the beginning of the year I began the process of identifying a publisher prepared to publish the book for me.

The result of this is the book Leadership At The Peak 2004 which has just been released. The book’s key objectives and primary uses are threefold: a corporate leadership development resource; a personal development resource and a platform for further research on the fascinating topic of leadership. I do hope that the academic and layperson alike shall read it with a mind to engage in structured debate on any of the topics covered. I have not bothered to present the articles in subject format, eg: team development, strategy and so on. Rather I have kept to the flow of the publication as much as possible.

The publisher, who however did use his license to make a few rearrangements, was deeply moved by the personal warmth generated by my writing style. I explained to him that I always made it a point to write from the heart and that, despite the significant amount of research and experience that has no doubt shaped my thinking over the past few years, when it came to writing I never referred to any material, preferring to flow with my inner sense. I always write from my heart, my soul and when I am dealing with extreme challenges I write from the spirit.

This leads me to another point that you need to bear in mind, if you do decide to read the book more than once, expect to be challenged at the very core of who you are. If you read the book once or twice you will benefit tremendously. However, if you take the time to dwell on each article three, four or even five times, truths will emerge from the deepest levels of your consciousness, leading you to that expressive “aha!” moment when revelation unfolds and sharp penetrative arrows of light and wisdom renew your mind and genuine transformation occurs. I look forward to your feedback.

*South African-based George W Nyabadza is the chief executive officer of Achievement Success Dynamics International. For more information on leadership development programmes please visit www.achievement-success.com or e-mail George on info@achievement-success.com

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