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I AM quite amazed at the level of depth I have attained as a result of coaching by mentors who have appeared in my life at different times over the past five years.

face=”Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif”>These mentors have shaped my entire value system. Value systems are the root cause of how we behave within the context of our lives; our relationships, our careers, our interactions with society at large and with ourselves in the quiet moments of our personal lives. Some of the interactions with the mentors were face-to-face; some were by way of the books and programmes that they had written.

A mentor doesn’t need to meet with you in real life but can impact you via their books and philosophy for example. I met Dr Noel Woodroffe, almost by accident it seems, when I once volunteered to chauffer visiting preachers at a time that I lived in Bulawayo. That meeting led to the development of a deep spiritual friendship that led me to a new revelation of my inner power and strength.

Then there is South African motivational speaker, Mike Lipkin, who sparked my love for motivation when he did a couple of seminars in Harare. I made it a point to travel to Johannesburg to meet with him personally a few years ago. Since then we have kept in touch. His book, To Hell And Back is a deep personal journey from worldly success to severe bouts of depression when his material world collapsed and a return to power and achievement when he discovered himself spiritually. The meeting with Lipkin was again almost accidental when my corporate assistant then brought in a newspaper with an advert for a motivational seminar and said: “Mr Nyabadza, you are the kind of person who may enjoy this.”

Then there was John Kehoe who wrought the world best seller Mind Power. One day, a few weeks after coming to Johannesburg, I took a wrong turn and in finding my way back I noticed on the street poles an advert for a Mind Power seminar by Kehoe. That seminar proved to be another turning point for me. In my reading the works of another mentor, Anthony Robbins, I got to know that he was a master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and being a strong believer that if someone can master something then everyone else can do the same thing, I desired to become an NLP practitioner. The only problem was that all Internet searches revealed courses in the USA, so that desire was put on the goals list until such a time as my funding permitted.

After completing the Mind Power course I noticed that helpers at the seminar were previous participants who had volunteered to assist, so being one never to miss a freebie I volunteered to help on the next one.

During the course of that seminar I met a business executive who happened to mention to me that he had found his NLP course more powerful, and guess what, he had done it in South Africa. So I enrolled on the course. But here is the amazing thing – my NLP facilitator, Claudius van Wyk, has turned out to be a profoundly deep philosophical and spiritual teacher who goes beyond the NLP course in his teachings and we continually engage deeply both mentally and spiritually. I am now advancing far beyond what I expected when I enrolled on his course.

Van Wyk is the one that had me walk over the coals. The point I am driving at is that as long as you have a desire to do something, when you, the student, is ready, the teacher will appear. Your only role is to be desirous of the thing and the universe by way of divine synchronicity will bring the mentor along.

-South African-based George W Nyabadza is the chief executive officer of Achievement Success Dynamics International. For more information on leadership development programmes please visit our website www.achievement-success.com or e-mail George on info@achievement-success.com

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