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Leadership at the peak – Harnessing human capital

George Nyabadza

ALMOST every leader I have spoken to in the past 12 months desires greater output from his people.

rif”>Inevitably leaders pursue specified outcomes. They focus every activity in the organisation towards the achievement of pre-determined measurable outcomes.

Leaders realise that corporate success is a result of a concerted channelling of personal and organisational energies into laser-like concentration towards the achievement of challenging objectives. They understand that the same energies left alone can spread like wildfire, which though furious in its dispersion, only burns at the surface level, in stark contrast to laser-like penetration that can burn through a significant depth of any solid matter.

The challenge arises in the harnessing of existent human energy or human capital into laser beams able to be controlled and dispensed where most needed by the corporation. Team building activities provide an effective tool for bringing together and releasing the capital resident in the organisation.

Leaders are aware that one of the most challenging tasks of management is to build and maintain team cohesion through difficult times. Leaders understand that teams are made up of people who are motivated when they are challenged to personal excellence through the pursuit of clearly stated outcomes. Team building activities should be structured around the awakening and release of human potential.

It really is a waste of everyone’s time to go away from a weekend seminar whose activities and intervention barely challenges the psyche and the spirit. Think of your last team building session, did you come back from there psychologically different, empowered to change your way of being, with a new vision for life and ready to reach beyond present realities of mediocrity or was it just a good break?

If it was the latter you would have done well to have stayed at work and donated the course fees to your favourite charity. If, by the way, you do not have a favourite charity The Empower 100 Series, whose details are on my website, would be a good one to adopt.

An effective team building intervention creates within the participants a deep urge for growth and utilisation of existent potential that is always there but lies untapped in the depths of every being.

Once one has experienced a call for excellence and responded it is impossible to live a self-contained and selfish life. That same passion for personal excellence pushes one to challenge others to their best. Leaders desire others to grow just as they challenge themselves to break through the bonds and shackles of limitation they exhort, challenge and inspire followers to push beyond the norm to new levels of performance.

They realise that as their followers grow as people they become visionaries pursuing great outcomes, so the organisation scales the heights of peak performance.

Irrespective of where the organisation is at in terms of performance, quantum leaps in productivity and efficiency can be achieved if only concrete steps are taken to unleash the full force of the human capital that exists within the people.

I am currently undergoing a mentoring process with a master practitioner in NLP who has just witnessed a brain surgery of a famous businessman who was involved in a serious car crash that resulted in a badly fractured forehead and skull. His friend, the brain surgeon, invited him to observe the operation which was successful.

On being questioned whether the man would ever return to his original functionality after having a portion of his frontal lobe part of the brain severely damaged in the accident, the surgeon simply said: “He will be 100% perfect because he had never used that part of his brain.”

A good question for leaders to reflect on is how much human capital remains untouched and unused within their corporation.

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